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Terms of Agreement
Terms of Use
Article 1 (Purpose)
  • 1. The purpose of this agreement is to prescribe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of company and user, matters regarding conditions of use and procedures of Internet homepage service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) provided by Korea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act and Enforcement Decree of the same act.

Article 2 (Effectiveness of agreement and amendment)
  • 1. This agreement shall be effective by notifying to the user via e-mail and other methods, or an announcement through the homepage after the public announcement procedure in accordance with Article 31 of the Telecommunications Business Act and Article 21-2 of Enforcement Regulation of the same act.

  • 2. The Company may amend this agreement without prior announcement, and the amended agreement shall be announced with the method being prescribed in Article 7 hereunder. The amended agreement shall be valid as soon as the public announcement.

Article 3 (Regulations other than the agreement)
  • 1. Any unspecified matters in this agreement shall comply with regulations of the Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, and other related legislation.

Article 4 (Definitions of terminology)
  • 1. The definitions of terminology used in this agreement shall be as follows.

    • ① User: This shall mean a homepage visitor who receives the Service provided by the Company in accordance with this agreement.
    • ② E-mail: This shall mean a mail sent through the Internet.
    • ③ Termination: This shall mean a presentation of intention to terminate the use agreement by the Company or User after the use of Service.
    • ④ Homepage: This shall mean a virtual service space established for the use and reading of a user by using information communication facilities such as computer, etc. for the provision of Service to the User by Company.
Article 5 (Provision of service and alteration)
  • 1. The Service provided by the Company shall be as follows.

    • Promotion contents regarding the Company
    • Guidance of products and business operated by Company
    • Various other information provided by Company
    • Customer consultation service
    • Service related to recruitment
    • If necessary, the Company may provide added or altered Service content.
Article 6 (Suspension of Service)
  • 1. When there are any causes for maintenance / replacement or failure of information communication facilities such as computers, etc., interruption of communications and the like, the Company may temporarily suspend the provision of service.

  • 2. In case of service suspension in paragraph 1 herein, it shall be notified to the User with the method prescribed in Article 7 hereunder.

  • 3. The Company shall not be responsible for compensation of damages caused to users or 3rd parties due to the temporal suspension of the provision of service in accordance with reasons in paragraph 1 herein. However, when there is an intention or material mistake on the Company, this clause shall not be applied.

Article 7 (Notification to the user)
  • 1. When the Company notifies the user, the Company may use the email address submitted to the Service by user.

  • 2. In case of notification for numerous and unspecified users, the Company may post the notification at the Service bulletin board for more than one (1) week in substitution for individual notification.

Article 8 (Protection of personal information)
  • 1. Upon the collection of user information, the Company shall collect the minimum information needed by Company.

    The following items shall be obligatory and others shall be optional.
    • ① Name
    • ② Email address

    When the Company collects identifiable personal information of a user, the Company shall have to obtain the consent of said user.

    Such personal information shall not be provided to a 3rd party without consent of the user, and all responsibilities thereto shall be held by Company. However, the following cases shall be an exception.

    When the minimum necessary user information (name, address, telephone number) for a delivery is given to the delivery company for the purpose of a delivery;

    When it is necessary for the preparation of statistics, academic research, or market surveys and is provided under a format that does not allow identifying a specific individual;

    When a government institution requests it in accordance with related legislation;

    When its purpose is a criminal investigation or a request from a telecommunications ethics committee;

    When there is a request in accordance with procedures prescribed by other related legislation.

    The user may always read and correct errors of his or her own personal information held by the Company.

    When the purpose of personal information to be provided is achieved, a 3rd party, who is provided with the personal information from the Company, shall destroy the relevant personal information without delay.

Article 9 (Obligations of the Company)
  • 1. The Company shall put forth the best efforts to provide the Service continuously and stably in accordance with matters prescribed in this agreement.

  • 2. The Company shall maintain / repair the facility related to the Service to be able to operate at any given time, and if difficulty occurs, the Company shall put best efforts forth to repair / restore it.

  • 3. The Company shall be equipped with a security system for the protection of personal information of users in order for safe use of the Service.

  • 4. The Company shall not send any advertising emails of profit making purpose unwanted by the user.

Article 10 (Deletion of posting material)
  • 1. When the Company considers that a posting within the Service being posted or registered by the user is in violation of regulations of Article 13 hereunder or is relevant to each of the following, the Company may delete the posting without prior notification.

    Any content slandering another user or 3rd party or causing defamation of honor; Any content in violation of public order or traditional custom;

    Any content recognized as demonstrating involvement with criminal activities;

    Any content in infringement of other rights such as copyright of 3rd party, etc.;

    Any content that causes difficulty or gives concerns about causing difficulty in the stable operation of Service;

    Any content involving distribution of rumors or condemnation of the Company without basis or confirmation procedure;

    Any content considered to be in violation based on other related legislation.

    When the posting within the Service posted or registered by a user is in violation of regulations in Article 13 hereunder or is linked with the information considered to be relevant on each of the following items in paragraph 1 of this Article hereunder, the Company may delete the posting without prior notification.

Article 11 (Relationship between linking web pages and linked web pages)
  • 1. When an upper web page and lower web page are connected by a hyperlink (example: a subject of a hyperlink shall include text, picture, moving images, etc.), etc., the former shall be called a linking web page and the latter shall be called a linked web page.

  • 2. The linking webpage shall not take any responsibility on the guarantee of transaction being executed with the user based on goods and services provided independently by a linked web page.

Article 12 (Attribution of copyright and use restriction)
  • 1. The copyright and other intellectual property rights on any works prepared by the Company, shall be owned by the Company.

  • 2. The user may not use any information obtained by using the Service for copying, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting, or any other means with the purpose of making profit and may not let a 3rd party use it without prior approval of the Company.

Article 13 (Prohibition of transfer)
  • 1. The user may not transfer or grant the usage right of the Service or other contractual status of use agreements to 3rd parties and may not provide it as collateral.

Article 14 (Compensation)
  • 1. In relation with the Service provided as free of charge, the Company shall not take any responsibilities even if there is any kind of damage to the user, except when it is caused by a material mistake of the Company.

Article 15 (Indemnification / compensation)
  • 1. In case of information, material, accuracy of fact, reliability, etc. posted in the Service by a user, the Company shall not take any responsibilities regarding its content, and the user shall use the Service under own responsibility, and if there are any damages regarding the posted or transmitted material, etc. by using the Service or any disadvantages in relation with the selection of material and the use of other Services, all responsibilities thereto shall be taken by the user.

  • 2. In relation with the transaction of goods, etc. via the service as a medium among users or between the user and 3rd party in violation of regulations in Article 13 hereunder, the Company shall not take any responsibilities, and shall not be responsible for any expected profits in relation with the use of Service by the user.

  • 3. When the Company takes responsibility for the user or a 3rd party and it causes damage to the company as a result of the violation of regulations in Article 13 or this agreement by a user, the user in violation of this agreement shall have to compensate all damages occurred to the Company and shall have to indemnify the Company from said damage.

Article 16 (Settlement of disputes)
  • 1. The Company and User shall put forth all necessary efforts to resolve disputes peacefully that occur in relation with the Service.

  • 2. Notwithstanding the matters mentioned previously in paragraph 1 hereof, if legal proceedings are carried out due to a dispute, the jurisdiction of legal proceedings shall be the Seoul District Court.

  • 3. Such legal proceedings shall be carried out following the laws of the Republic of Korea.

Article 17 (Miscellaneous)
  • 1. For the processing of unspecified matters in this agreement, the user shall use Korea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd. (Telephone number: +82-32-850-1156)

  • 1. This agreement shall be effective as of Aug. 22, 2019.

Agree with the Personal Information Collection and Use
Guidance on the collection and use of personal information
1. Items of personal information to be collected
  • A. The Company collects personal information as follows upon the use of the Q&A bulletin board for proper customer consultation and the provision of various services.

    Essential items: Name, email address

    Optional item: Company name, company address, contact address, department, title

  • B. The following information may be automatically generated and collected during the use of service.

    IP Address, cookies, date and time of visit, service use record

2. Purpose of collection / use of personal information
  • A. The information is collected for following purposes in order to provide the services of Korea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd.

    Identity verification for the provision of service, record preservation for the adjustment of disputes, processing of civil complaints such as dissatisfaction, and delivery of announcements.

3. Collected personal information items and collection method
  • A. Collection items: Name, contacts, email address, service use record, access log, cookies, and IP access information

  • B. Collection method for personal information: Q&A bulletin board on homepage (, writing, e-mail, telephone, etc.

※ The aforementioned personal information shall include possession of personal information content at the time of collection as well as changed personal information content afterward.

4. Possession of personal information and use period

In principle, personal user information shall be destroyed immediately when the purpose of collection and use of personal information is accomplished. However, the following information shall be preserved for the specified periods due to the following reasons.

  • A. Information possession in accordance with company internal policy due to records of illegal use

    Cause of preservation: Prevention of illegal use

    Preservation period: 1 year

  • B. Information possession in accordance with related legislation

When it is necessary to be preserved in accordance with regulations of related legislation such as the Commercial Act, Act for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., etc., the company shall preserve the member information for a certain period of time prescribed by related legislation. In this case, the company shall use the preserved information only for the purpose of storage, and the preservation period shall be as follows.

Records regarding visits
  • Cause of preservation: Protection of Communications Secrets Act

    Preservation period: 3 months

  • Records regarding identity verification

    Cause of preservation: Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

    Preservation period: 6 months

  • Records regarding consumer complaints or dispute processes

    Cause of preservation: Act for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

    Preservation period: 3 years

  • Records regarding withdrawal of agreement or subscription, etc.

    Cause of preservation: Act for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

    Preservation period: 5 years

  • Records regarding payment settlement and supply of goods, etc.

    Cause of preservation: Act for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

    Preservation period: 5 years