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CEO’s Greetings

CEO Message

Delivering the best-possible
quality products to our
customers and growing together
with them through our
innovative technology-that
is KET.

Since its foundation in 1973, KET has been on the path of continuous growth along with the development of the automotive and electronic industries as the
best connector company in Korea. For the last half century, KET has become the connector specialist, and we are now growing as a core parts
provider with our expanding lineup-modules for new eco-friendly vehicles or intelligent cars as well as state-of-the-art connectors for digital devices.
At the same time, KET has been successful in our globalized production to serve our overseas customers.
Our unwavering innovation, the passion for advanced technology, and bold investments in developing new products are all for our customers.
KET executives and staff members are doing their best to supply their customers with reliable products that are armed with advanced technologies and are
the best in quality-this is a simple yet most challenging goal to achieve.
KET will always continue to contribute to society by providing products that enrich our lives.

Korea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd.

CEO & Chairperson

Chang-Won Lee