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Operation management policy for image processing device

Korea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) hereby informs through the operation / management policy for its image information processing devices how the image information to be processed by the Company is used and managed, for which purposes, and by which methods.

1. Establishment basis and purpose of image information processing devices

The Company shall establish / operate the image information processing devices for the following purposes in accordance with paragraph 1, Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

Crime prevention and facility safety management, and fire prevention

Safety, crime prevention, etc. for visitors and employees and executives

2. Number and location of installations, and filming range
Category Head office Institute of technology Nonhyeon factory Namdong factory Pyeongtaek factory Logistics factory Pyeongdong Factory Gwangju factory Total Location of installation
and filming range
Indoor 13 7 3 3 3 10 0 0 39
Outdoor 13 11 13 13 9 6 9 9 83 Workplace interior
and exterior
Total 26 18 16 16 12 16 9 9 122
3. Person in charge of management, and authorized access person

In order to protect your image information and to process complaints related to personal image information, the persons in charge of the management of personal image information have been appointed as follows.

Person in charge of management
Name Lim, Chae-Hyun (Team manager)
Department Management support team
Tel. No. +82-32-850-1112
Authorized access person
Name Jung, Min-Ki (Senior Manager)
Department Management support team
Tel. No. +82-32-850-1202
4. Filming hours, storage period, storage location and processing method of image information
Filming hours Storage period Storage location
24 hours 30 days from filming date Head office security room and exchange room

Processing method: Matters regarding requests such as the use of personal image information for other purposes, provision to 3rd party, destruction, reading, etc. shall be recorded / managed, and upon the expiration of the storage period, shall be permanently deleted (in case of printed materials, it shall be shredded or burnt) with recovery of data made impossible.

5. Personal image information confirmation method and matters regarding location

Confirmation method: May be confirmed after prior contact with the authorized person for image information access by visiting the management support team at head office.

Location of confirmation: Head office Management support team

6. Measures regarding requests such as reading of image information, etc. of subject of information

When you wish to confirm the existence of, or to delete personal image information, you may make a request to the image information processing device operating personnel. However, it shall be restricted to personal image information filmed of you and personal image information clearly needed for urgent benefits related to the life, physical body, or property of the subject of information.

When the reading, confirmation, and deletion of personal image information is requested, the Company will immediately take the necessary measures.

7. Securement measures on the safety of image information

The image information to be processed by the Company has been safely managed through means such as encryption. Moreover, the Company restricts access authority of personal information as an administrative measure for the protection of personal image information, and in order to prevent the forging / falsification of personal image information, the creation date and time of personal image information, purpose of reading upon reading, reader, time and date of reading, etc. have been recorded and managed.